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Research Projects



MeRL (Microelectronics Research Lab.) focuses on the system archtecture, VLSI circuitry, and the applications of VLSI systems. Significant research challenges in our research projects are driven by the requirements of future microelectronics, for example, large volumetric nonvolatile RAM, MIMO Space-division multiplex, and bioelectronic sensors.

The current reasearch subjects are including to implement the information processing systmes of electronic circuits with a emphasis of a real time application. The research project on inter-chip wireless systems, the environmental monitering systems, and the wearable network will make the wearable interactive system a reality. In these studies, not only design and estimation of system performance, but also prototyping and evaluation of VLSIs are carried out.

Our research group will play a role of the Hokuriku sub-center of VLSI Design and Education Center (VDEC), which is the inter-university organization for VLSI research.

  1. Space Recognition Device: CyARM
  2. Wearable Network: TextileNet?
  3. Vision Chip for Detecting Line of Sight Including Saccade
  4. Ubiquitous Network and Controller with MIMO multiplex
  5. Assembly Level Logic Synthesis using C/C++
  6. Multi-valued Phase-Change NVRAM and Resistive NVRAM
  7. Full-Digital Microdisplay Devices
  8. Microscopic Probe Array Sensor LSI
  9. Micro-ESR Sensor LSI for Antiaging Clinical Applications
  10. Elliptic Curve Cryptography Processor Adopted Security Mesures
  11. Ecological sensor with Speech-recognition of Birds and Insects
Phase Change RAM (OUM)Wireless Comm LSI
SOI WaferMicro-Display

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