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DoctorIrfan MujahidinThe Compact CP Antenna with 2x4 Hybrid Coupler for Wireless Sensor and Hybrid RF Solar Energy Harvesting
MasterShogo YanoImplementation of the social distance measurement system using IoT platform and camera
MasterSai ZhuResearch on High-Precision Face Recognition Based on Deep Learning
UndergraduateRyota IgarashiComparison of Slider and pointing methods for text input in VR using hand tracking
UndergraduateKeiichiro KaizukaConstruction and Validation of a Language Model for Detection of Slander in Social Media
UndergraduateRikuto KimuraImplementation of AR orienteering app using VPS and occlusion


UndergraduateKazuya ShimadaAnalysis of psychological differences between 2D and 3D spaces of online students
UndergraduateShotaro SuginoDesign of 5.2 GHz Band Antenna Based on FDTD method analysis
UndergraduateTakuya FurutaAutomation of output destination circuit selection by input voltage amplitude


DoctorPuput Dani Prasetyo AdiPerformance Evaluation of Wireless Sensor Network with LPWA for Medical applications
MasterLi SiranWelding point quality detection method based on image processing and neural network
UndergraduateShogo YanouImplement of Door Lock IoT System using Leafony
UndergraduateWakana YamamotoImplementation of kana input systems in smartphone VR


MasterLi JinlongUltra-Low-Voltage High Efficiency Rectifier Circuit Design using 65nm SOTB for Energy Harvesting
MasterIrawan SukmaDesign of Low Frequency Wireless Power Transfer using Class-C Power Amplifier
MasterQi YuanzeDesign of CMOS Temperature Sensor Array for Tactile Sensor
UndergraduateTaishi FujiiIoT Syatem Using GPS Module
UndergraduateTaiki UchikawaResearch on Image Recognition of Insects
UndergraduateOsamu SasanoImplementation of Shor's algorithm using Qiskit
UndergraduateAkihiro TanakaNondestructive Evaluation Methods for degradation of reinforced concrete
UndergraduateSyouhei YoshidaStudy on Damping Characteristics of Magnetostrictive Device


DoctorJumadi Mabe ParenrengA Study of Limited Resources and Security Adaptation in Wireless Sensor Network
DoctorMuhammad Fauzan Edy PurnomoDevelopment of Triangular Microstrip Antenna for Sensor Application Using Circularly Polarized-Synthetic Aperture Radar
UndergraduateSiren KitanoThe study of automatic language identification for communication support between different languages
UndergraduateKenya SakamotoDevelopment of navigation system using AR marker
UndergraduateKou TanakaPower management circuit for energy harvesting from corrosion of reinforced concrete


MasterArpat PerhatEnergy harvesting using electrolytic corrosion in reinforced concrete
MasterKenta IshigroDevelopment and evaluation of fixed point insect observation system using insect sound discrimination system
MasterTakumu KomatsuProposal of quantum circuit generation method using high-level language
MasterGan ZhangEvaluation of the power generation characteristics of reinforced concrete structure
MasterHaowei ChengDesign of Antenna used for Millimter-Wave CT


MasterRyu ImamuraA Stochastic Two-Step Analog-to-Digital Converter
MasterYuxuan WangDesign and Implementation of the Algorithm of AES Encryption with High-throughput and Low-power Consumption Based on FPGA
MasterJun HashisakiStudy of power supply circuit of sensor network terminal using enviroment power


DoctorArief SudarmajiUse of MOS Gas Sensors With Temperature Modulation-Specified Detection Point for Potential Identification of Soil Status Using Electronic-Nose Principle


MasterKei SanadaDesign and Evaluation of the Small Capacitance Detector for the High Dynamic Range Capacitive Tactile Sensor
UndergraduateHiroki Kagetamulti-level writing circuit for ReRAM by current mirror
UndergraduateRyu ImamuraResearch of architecture of stochastic serial/parallel ADC


MasterYuji TERADADevelopment of smart phone application using insect sounds for environmental monitoring


MasterKazuki KawaiSensitivity analysis and sensitive technique on radical sensor
MasterYuichi MiyagawaResearch of bio-measurement technology
MasterAyaka MizuiDevelopment of photonic pixels and application to the spectral image sensor


DoctorTatuo TobaDesign of extreme low-power and passive wireless sensors
MasterSyunsuke KimuraBasic Studies on Radical Sensor
MasterTakaya HandaNovel automatic avoidance circuit of the wasteful overwrite and its application to multi-level programming for ReRAM
MasterTaku FukataCharacterization of capacitive stress sensors for tactile sensing
MasterTomoaki WadaEnvironmental Monitoring System In Cooperation With Smartphones By Automatic Identi cation Of Insect Sounds -Chu-lingual-
UndergraduateYuji TeradaAutomatic Identi cation System of Insect Sounds for Environmental Monitoring


MasterTakeshi AmeyamaPower Line Communication Transceiver Circuit on Conductive Fabric for Wearable Computing
MasterKoji DomaeSound parameter manipulation method for subtractive synthesizer based on impressive words of sound
MasterYui MaedaEvaluation of Effect of Jaggy Elimination by Pseudorandom Pixel Placement Based on Visual Feature
MasterKengou YamamotoBuilding block system for environment recognition device using exploration action
MasterCui JiPassive wireless temperature sensor tag technology for nursing support
UndergraduateKazuki KawaiResearch of radical sensor LSI for high sensitivity
UndergraduateRyōtarō KojimaCharacterization of the UHF antenna for wireless chemical sensors
UndergraduateYuki MaeAn Algorithm of Robust and Precision Video Mosaicing
UndergraduateAyaka MizuiFundamental Study of the Spectrum Sensor
UndergraduateYuichi MiyagawaCharacterization of highly efficient RF-DC converter in UHF band


MasterToru KobayashiWeb-based insect-data acquisition system with Auto-Identification of singing insects ~Chu-lingual~
MasterYusaku KomamuraColumn-Parallel Vision Chip for Detecting Line of Sight Including Saccade
MasterYuichi KondoSystem Architecture of the Points Service for University Using FeliCa?
MasterTetsuya MiyazawaVision Chip Architecture for Moving Object Detection by Fast Optical Flow Estimation
MasterJie LuA Wireless Body Area Network for Health Monitoring
UndergraduateShunsuke KimuraEvaluation of Read Circuit for Large-capacity Resistive Random Access Memory
UndergraduateHiroshi KomatsubaraDevelopment of Precise and Multi-channel Electromyography Measurement System Using Conductive Fabric
UndergraduateMika ShimizuParameter Optimization for Clear Picture Representation by Pseudorandom Pixel Placement
UndergraduateTakaya HandaEvaluation of Read and Write Circuit for Large-capacity Resistive Random Access Memory
UndergraduateTaku FukataA study on architecture of Artificial Tactile Sensor LSI
UndergraduateTomoaki WadaImprovement and Evaluation of Auto-Identification of Singing Insects for Environment Monitoring


MasterYuki IwabuchiSound Synthesis from Closed Curves
MasterKouta kanoAnalysis and Optimization of Radio Communication System with Noise Immunity
MasterRyo KishidaOptimization of transmission method for conductive cloth
MasterKeisuke DomaeDesign and Evaluation of High-Resolution Column-Parallel Vision Chip for Detecting Line of Sight
MasterMitsuru NakuraCircuit Design and Evaluation of Resistive RAM
MasterShota NoteHigh Speed Column Parallel Vision Chip Architecture for Optical Flow Estimation
MasterShigeru FujiedaQuality evaluation method of multi channel radio communication system by MIMO technology
UndergraduateTakeshi AmeyamaDesign and the optimization of LNA for dual band wireless telecommunications LSI
UndergraduateHikaru SendaAn Interactive and Programmable Electronics Building Kit
UndergraduateKoji DomaeOto No Tane:Timbre Growing System
UndergraduateYui MaedaAn Index of Evaluation of Effect of Jaggy Elimination by Pseudorandom Pixel Placement
UndergraduateTomoya YasudaDesign of Radical Sensor Circuit
UndergraduateKengou YamamotoInfluence of IQ mismatch in wireless network LSI on reception performance
UndergraduateYuhei YoshimotoThe equivalence circuit for simulation of high-capacity RRAM memory cell array


MasterYasutaka KanekoWrite and Read Circuit for RRAM
MasterNariaki ShioiriA study on accurate read out method for two dimensional resistor networks with reduced number of connections
MasterRyosei MakinoAn UHF RFID System Enhanced by MIMO technology
MasterMariko YaoHands-on study based on self-organizing activities of electronics-circuit building
MasterTomohiro YonedaSpatial Sampling Characteristics of Image Sensor with Pseudorandom Pixel Placement
UndergraduateToru KobayashiAuto-Identification of Singing Insects for Environment Monitoring
UndergraduateYusaku KomamuraVision Chip for Detecting Focused Points Using the Model of Mach Band Elimination
UndergraduateYuichi KondoSensor node for wide-area cloud imaging system from the ground
UndergraduateTakashi MajimaHigh resolution camera module for cloud imaging
UndergraduateEisuke MatsuyamaStudy on direct current power line communication circuit for conductive wear
UndergraduateTetsuya MiyazawaColumn-Parallel Vision Chip for Optical Flow Estimation


DoctorMasashi TakataDesign Methodology of Phase Change Nonvolatile Random Access Memory embedded on CMOS LSI
MasterToru ShimuraHigh accuracy and Multi-channel Electromyography Measurement System using Conductive Cloth
MasterShingo NakanoA Passive UHF RFID tag for telemetric monitoring system
MasterKei HayaseUbiquitous Sensor Network using MIMO technology
MasterTomonori MurakamiTransceiver for Network System using Conductive Cloth with power supply Ability
MasterHiroaki TakagiVision Chip for Detecting Line of Sight Including Saccade
MasterTaiho TanikoshiImage Acquisition and Display Device Architecture using Random Pixel Placement
UndergraduateYuki IwabuchiStudy of 2D Expression of Binary-coded Notation and Logic Operations
UndergraduateKouta KanoPassive RF-ID Transponder for Wireless Sensors
UndergraduateRyo KishidaHigh Precision Operational Amplifier for Bioelectronics
Undergraduateeisuke DomaeParallel Visual Processpr for Detecting Line of Sight
UndergraduateHiroaki TyojiRF Frontend of MIMO transceiver LSI
UndergraduateMitsuru NakuraCharge Pump Regulator for UHF RF-ID Transponder
UndergraduateSyota NoteMicro-Sensor for Electron-Spin-Resonance Measurement
UndergraduateShigeru FujiedaSynchronous System between MIMO Transceivers


MasterTakatomi IzumiMultiple Programming Method and Circuitry for a Phase Change Nonvolatile Random Access Memory
MasterHisahiro ItoCMOS Single chip transceiver LSI for Specified Low-Power Radio
MasterSatoshi NakaeThe design of the Microscopic Surface-Texture Sensor LSI
MasterTomotaka NakanoStudy of Voice Recognition LSI-IP based on Viterbi Argorithm
MasterHugang ParkStudy of FTTSS Feature Extraction LSI-IP for Speech Recognition
UndergraduateYasutaka KanekoMicrodisplay Device for 1 bit demitint
UndergraduateKenji HirakiMicrodisplay Device for Digital Gradation with Sub-Pixel Array
UndergraduateRyosei MakinoAnalog-Digital Converter by Frequency Shift Measurement of Voltage Controlled Oscillator
UndergraduateTetsuro MamuraProximity Impedance Vision Sensor Chip
UndergraduateMariko YaoCircuitry of Power Line Communications using Wearable Textile-net
UndergraduateTomohiro YonedaDesign Flow for VDEC CMOS 018um Process


MasterKenta ArugaIntegration of Low Power Security Radio System
MasterHidenori OgataHigh-level Synthesis from Executable Code
MasterHideaki HashiStudy of Hardware Algorithm for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
UndergraduateToru SimuraArchitecture of Phase-Change Nonvolatile SRAM
UndergraduateHiroaki TakagiVision Chip Architecture for Saccade-Tracking
UndergraduateTakashi TakeuchiFractional-N PLL Synthesizer for Single-Chip Security Radio Systems
UndergraduateTaiho TanikoshiEnvironment Sensing Device using Non-visual Modality
UndergraduateKei HayaseEstimation Algorithm for MIMO matrix of Sensor Network
UndergraduateNoboru HiradeStudy on Intuitive Graphical Expressions of Logic Functions
UndergraduateTomonori MurakamiFull-Digital Inter-Chip Wireless System


DoctorKazuya NakayamaFundamental Research on Phase Change Nonvolatile Random Access Memory
MasterTakatoshi MinamotoDesign of a Microdisplay with Area Coverage Modulation for Still Picture
MasterMasashi TakataDesign and Evaluation of read and write Circuits for the Phase Change Random Access Memory
UndergraduateTakatomi IzumiEvaluation Circuits for the Write/Erase Characteristics of the Phase Change Random Access Memory
UndergraduateHisahiro ItohUbiquitous Sensor Netwok with Multiple Input Multiple Output System
UndergraduateSatoshi NakaeIntegrated Sensor Circuits for the RF Impedance Microscopy
UndergraduateShingo NakanoDigital IF stage for Wireless Communication LSIs
UndergraduateTomotaka NakanoFully Digital Microdisplay with 6 bit color depth


MasterAkinari KOTANIStudy on Characteristics of Strained Tunneling Devices and The Circuitry
MasterSanae FUKUSHIMAPhase Change Nonvolatile Memory Core for CMOS Systems
MasterHiroshi YAMADAFabrication and Evaluation of CMOS Optical Receiver for Plastic Optical Fiber Communication
UndergraduateKenta ARUGALow-Power Transceiver Integrated in a Standard CMOS Process
UndergraduateHidenori OGATAMicroconroller and Firmware designed for Low-Power Wireless Comunication
UndergraduateMitoko TAMETOA CMOS Microdisplay with Digital Approach


MasterTakatoshi TSUJIKAWAStudy on Fabrication of Molecular Gate Array with Charge-Transfer Complex
MasterToshihiko KASAIProcess Technology for Phase-change Nonvolatile Memory Devices
UndergraduateMasashi TAKATADesign of Quantum Operation Cell and The Application for Quantum Algorithms
UndergraduateTakatoshi MinamotoDesign of Photo-receiver for CMOS OEIC